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Developer - Business Opportunity

The entire world is aware of the fact that every email message is stored somewhere and it can be used in the future to harm it's sender or recipient.

There are many programs available that use strong encryption, that are impossible to crack even for advanced government agencies, but these programs are so difficult to use that the adoption rate is very low.

Mail1Click is very easy to use, it has clients for different platforms, it's FREE and it offers an open API to allow software developers to do business on it.

Mail1Click offers an easy to use application program interface to work with encrypted emails without having any encryption knowledge. You can create new free email accounts, send and receive messages with or without attachments, create/rename/delete folders and so much more.

By using our API you can easily create a fully functional mail client by simply interfacing your existing application allowing it to send/receive encrypted emails.

Word of advice for "Black Hats":

Don't waste your time searching for systems to send spam, viruses or other similar activities, we will block it ALL in realtime, we will further more block your ip address (even if you change one every second) and we will delete every account you created

We deeply respect computer geniuses like ourselves so please play with us ... but be "Grey Hats".

Word of Advice for "Grey Hats":

We will be happy to see you make smart applications that can be purchased or sponsored by us. If you have a proposal or an idea don't hesitate to talk to us about it.We strongly believe that community contribution is very very important!

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