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How it works

It is very simple and intuitive to use. You send and receive emails the same way you do with any other email service.
The encryption, decryption, signature and signature authentication is automatically executed by the application.

Message sending to "mail1click.com"

When you send a message to another mail1click address, the encryption and electronic signature will be executed automatically. If you have used a different email encryption service before you will notice that there is no need to exchange the public keys, this activity/operation is performed automatically by the application .

Message sending to "external" email

When you send a message to a standard email address (ex. mark.smith@gmail.com), the system will create an Rsa Key for the recipient and it will encrypt the message (and attached files),using the public key. The "external" user will receive a message with a link to read the encrypted message. The first time reading message the system will ask the recipient to set a new password enabling the new free mail1click account.

The next time you'll send a message it will notify the recipient of the receipt of an encrypted message on the mail1click mailbox. The recipient will be asked for their password to read the message.

Message receiving from "mail1click.com"

The messages sent to you from other mail1click users, will be automatically decrypted and the signature will be verified.

Message receiving from "external" email address

The messages sent to you from an external email address will be received in your mailbox and encrypted with your public keys. If the sender is not recognized by the system, it will require a message origination confirmation by typing a captcha code. This activity will stop virtually every spam, virus and trojan program receivable by email.


Attachments will be encrypted exactly the same way the system encrypts messages. There is no limitation on file size, but it will be limited to the available space in the mailbox. If you run out of space, you can increase it in a few seconds by subscribing to the premium service.


The Rsa private key is kept safe using your access password,(encrypted using AES256) but please pay additional attention to your access password:

Email Alerts

You can continue to use your normal email, an alert message will notify you of the receipt of an encrypted message in your mailbox.

The alert message will contain a direct link to the encrypted message. By clicking on it you will be requested to insert your access password to decrypt the message.

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